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JR, expanding 2.4GHz innovation in technology from DSMJ to DMSS, then pursuing the next breakthrough, they created the DMSS Serial Communication SystemXBus.
This communication system for the mutual control of multiple devices enables the expansion setting and fine adjustment from the transmitter wirelessly, which was impossible to do in any prior system. Now JR introduces the XBus system with unlimited extendable potential.
XBus Supporting Accessories
DMSS 14ch Transmitter (XBus included)
PWMConverter (1 port type)
For 1 PWM(normal) servo from the XBus port
XBus dedicated Hub (5 ports)
  • Separate Power Supply type
Supply the power exclusively to XBus dedicated servos connected to this Hub.
DMSS 7ch Receiver (XBus supported)
XBus Channel Programmer
Connect PWM Converter and/or XBus dedicated servos to assign the channel (ID).
PWM Converter (4 ports type)
For 4 PWM(normal) servos from the XBus port
XBus dedicated Hub (6 ports)
  • Shared Power Supply type
Supply the power from the receiver to XBus dedicated servos connected to this Hub.
Heavy Duty Center Hub
  • Supporting Dual Batteries
  • E Switch (Non-Contact Switch)
Supports the stable power supply for aircrafts such as Large Scaled Airplane which use many servos for control.
PWM Converter for Heavy Duty Center Hub
(4 ports)
Supply stable power from Deans plug output. Up to 4 normal servos can be connected.
XBus cable for Heavy Duty Center Hub
(4 ports)
Supply the stable power from Deans plug. Up to 4 XBus dedicated servos are connectable.
Regardless of the number of receiver channels, XBus enables you to control the transmitters maximum number of channels from the XBus dedicated port of the receiver.
Up to 4 servos are connectable for channel allowing a total maximum 56 servos to be controlled where the XG14 transmitter is used.
RG731BX connecting port
  • Connecting port for the conventional (PWM system) servos.
While the XBus dedicated servos are connectable, the parameters are not reflected to the operation.
  • Connecting port for XBus.
Connect the XBus dedicated Hub, etc.
  • Connecting port for Battery/Telemetry Sensors.
Make sure the telemetry sensors have to be connected to this port.
Up to 4 servos are assignable from the transmitter wirelessly.
In case you use 4 servos for Aileron with the current receiver, you need to connect the servos to the empty channels on the receiver and adjust their movement by using the dedicated mixing.
But if not enough empty channels are left, you need to use Y harness or multi box. But XBus enables you to connect 4 servos to the receiver via XBus dedicated Hub, and to assign those 4 servos to Aileron 1 to Aileron 4.
Furthermore, reverse, neutral and travel adjustments for these servos can be done from the transmitter wirelessly.
Connecting chart for 4 Aileron Mixing Battery
Servo setting can be done from the transmitter.
Need many channels on the receiver.
No Separate Battery.
Separate Power Supply type XBus dedicated Hub "XB1-HB5"
In consideration of the power supply in case of using many high-spec servos, XBus dedicated Hub XB1-HB5 is designed to receive XBus signals and power source for each servos separately.
The setting of the connected servos are done from the transmitter, and the assignment to the servos can be changed freely.
Connecting chart for the use of multi box.
Need only a few channels on the receiver.
Separate battery is usable.
Servo setting is done via multi box manually.
Connecting chart for XBus dedicated Hub XB1-HB5
No need to use the receiver with many channels.
Simple wiring.
Separate battery is usable.
Setting the servos can be done from the transmitter wirelessly.
Supports both Channel control and Mixing.
In addition to the monitoring by Telemetry system, XBus Heavy Duty Center Hub employs Dual Batteries Connecting Circuit and large-capacity cable to supply the power to the servos stably to avoid the voltage drop when many servos are used such as large aircrafts.
Dual batteries supportable XBus Heavy Duty Center Hub XB1-CHB
E Switch
(Non-Contact Switch)
XBus Input Connector.
Connect to the XBusport on the receiver.
Battery connector #1
LED for Battery #1
Power output connector 5 lines
XBus output connector 5 lines
LED for Battery #2
Battery connector #2
  • Supports 2 x Li-Po 2cell. Consuming the balanced power from the 2 batteries for stable power supply.
  • Employed Dean connector on the output power. Separated the output power line and XBus signal line to avoid the voltage drop when many servos are used.
Heavy Duty Center Hub XB1-CHB connecting image
Servo control signal and telemetry signal are perfectly separated. This is to deliver only servo control signal from XBus dedicated port to the servos for the fastest response speed while many sensors are connected simultaneously.
Output servo signals from the receiver.
Conventional system
Output signal is always in order from CH1, there is a certain amount of signal output delay.
DMSS system
Output 4ch singanls simultaneously, there is no delay in case multiple servos are used in the same control.
DMSS XBus system
Output all the signals simultaneously. Fastest response without any time lug.
Fastest response speed created by the unique signal processing in the receiver.

Servo control signal and telemetry signal of DMSS communication are perfectly separated. This is to deliver servo control signal only from XBus dedicated port even many servos and sensors are connected simultaneously in order to create the fastest response speed.
The conventinal PWM(Pulse Width Modulation system) servos are usable via PWM Converter. Universal Communication Mode for other serial communication gyro compatibility is included as standard for the modelers to use their equipment continuously and to move up to XBus smoothly.

System Setting Mode
XBus Mode Select screen
Mode for DMSS Dedicated Serial Bus Communication. For XBus Mode for DMSS receiver.
  • RG731BX
Mode for other Serial Bus Communication.
  • VBar(Mikado)
  • MICROBEAST(Freakware) etc.
Mode for Serial Bus Communication INHIBIT.
Choose this mode when you use DMSS receivers without XBus system.
  • RG1131BPU
  • RG1131B
  • RG831B
  • RG631B
  • RG611B
  • RG411B
XBus dedicated transmitter
Servo Channel Programmer
XBus dedicated receiver
DMSS dedicated Receivers